Giving Back
How we make a difference in our community

We’re lucky people. And we’re lucky enough to recognize that we don’t owe our station purely to hard work and merit: we got here, each of us, because of the decency and generosity of others. Parents, friends, coaches, mentors, the kindness of strangers. You name it, we’ve benefited, in measures large and small, from the good people we’ve had the good fortune to cross paths with.

We believe stronger communities are built this way, too: one organization, one brick, one small act of charity at a time. So we do what we can to return the favor, and lend our time, resources, and expertise to move the needle for the causes that move us—in Wilmington and beyond.

Here’s a little more about what we do, why we do it, and how we got involved.

Habitat for Humanity

Since its founding, Habitat for Humanity has built or restored over a million homes worldwide for people and communities in need. We recently linked up with its New Castle County affiliate to help get homes ready for a pair of Wilmington families.

Over the course of an afternoon, we painted and landscaped, while the handier among us replaced a few windows, as well as a deck and a flight of stairs. “It’s a cause we wanted to get involved with for years,” CFO Tim Mihok added. “And the enthusiasm we had here at Archer was incredible.”

Backpack Drive

A common tie we share at Archer is gratitude for the quality of our educations. At the end of each summer, we hold a backpack drive to give local kids of limited means a few of the tools they need to succeed scholastically. Working with the Sunday Breakfast Mission, we gather supplies like pencils, erasers, and notepads, then prepare well-stocked backpacks for elementary school students in and around Wilmington. It’s a simple act that, we hope, makes a lasting impact.

The Farmer & the Chef

The Farmer & The Chef is an annual Wilmington gala, and an overwhelming argument in favor of the proposition that you can have a great time while you’re doing good. The event pairs local farmers with local chefs to create an evening of fantastic – and authentically Delawarean – farm-to-table cuisine, with all proceeds benefiting the March of Dimes. We create digital marketing materials for the fundraiser on a pro bono basis and, of course, stop by for our favorite meal of the year.

Thanksgiving Food Drive

It’s one of the most beloved, and meaningful, traditions we have here at Archer. Each fall in partnership with the Caesar Rodney Rotary Club, we collect turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and other Thanksgiving staples, box them in our office, then deliver the meals to families in need across the region. Being able to personally deliver the meals to families – many of whom are going through challenging periods – makes the drive especially rewarding. Because so many Archers participate, we often end up with more food than we have families to feed. So after we’ve made our final delivery, we visit homeless shelters like Bayard House and Sojourners’ Place to share the extra boxes.

Toys For Tots

The holidays can be difficult for families of limited financial means. Because many of us have children of our own, it’s a stress we’re especially sympathetic to. Last winter, we found a way to help out. During our annual holiday party, we asked every guest to bring a few toys – and held a raffle to drum up even more involvement. It worked. By night’s end, we had collected hundreds of race cars, dolls, games, and other popular playthings, which Toys for Tots distributed to kids across the region. It was the beginning of what we hope will be a long relationship with the organization.

Polar Bear Plunge

Special Olympics Delaware is an organization that’s near and dear to our hearts. So when we got the opportunity to help them boost turnout for their primary annual fundraiser – the Polar Bear Plunge – we jumped at it. We helped them create a new slogan for the event, collaborated on a new digital marketing strategy to increase participation, and – when the fateful day came – trekked down to Rehoboth to take the plunge ourselves.

Organizations and causes we proudly support

In Wilmington and beyond, these are the groups we work with to make a difference.

Catholic Youth
The Farmer & The Chef
The First Tee
Girls Inc. of Delaware
Habitats for Humanity
Kids With Confidence
St. John the Beloved Athletics
Special Olympics Delaware
Sunday Breakfast Mission
Toys for Tots
Wilmington Leaders Alliance
Boy Scouts of America