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Making a Difference by
creating a virtual shopping experience


Attract and Inspire a wider audience

JCPenney Optical, a brand of U.S. Vision, was a family-friendly optical department known mainly to customers who were seeking value for their hard-earned dollars and who typically considered eyewear a medical necessity. Hidden inside the bigger retail environment of JCPenney, JCPenney Optical was easily overlooked and feared falling behind other large-scale discount chain stores and online retailers who more effectively catered to today's shoppers — people who are looking for more than just an affordable optical solution, but also a look to match their personal style. To compete, and expand, JCPenney Optical needed to innovate.

Bring them in

Archer redesigned the JCPenney Optical website to offer users an inviting digital shopping experience more in line with today's popular ecommerce websites. To help empower customers in their purchasing decisions, it was important to enable users to easily navigate the site, see discounts and offers, browse the extensive product catalog, virtually try on products, and schedule an eye exam—all in an effort to encourage customers to visit (and revisit) a store to make their purchase.

Product Catalog

To showcase JCPenney Optical's extensive product catalog, we introduced an ecommerce style consistent with online fashion retailers. A customized CMS offers advanced filtering for easy browsing. The favoriting feature allows customers to add products to their favorites list, print the list, and refer to it when they visit a store to make a purchase.

Virtual try-on

The Virtual Try-On tool brings the dressing room experience online. Using their webcam or uploading a photo of themselves, customers may "try on" frames and experiment with different looks before they make a purchase in store.

Look the part

To move beyond the utilitarian aspect of selecting the proper eyewear, and to further evolve the brand's perception among this new target audience, JCPenney Optical needed to position eyewear as a fashion accessory. Inspired by the fashion world's use of blogs, style collections, and pop-up shopping experiences to engage fashion-minded consumers, we looked to these tools to help us as we sought to do the same.

Nicole Miller Pinterest Contest

To help ensure a successful launch of the nicole by Nicole Miller Spring Eyewear collection, we wanted to create an innovative and unique experience. We chose Pinterest to host a one-of-a-kind opportunity for users to create Pinterest boards to inspire fashion designer Nicole Miller. By entering the contest, participants had a chance to win a $200 JCPenney gift card and one pair of eyeglass frames from the nicole by Nicole Miller collection.

Fashion Lookbook

In the Fashion Lookbook, four style trends are featured, each illustrated by a complete head-to-toe look, including a pair of JCPenney Optical frames. The Lookbook also afforded an opportunity to cross-sell JCPenney apparel and accessories.


In addition to Social Media, Archer assumed responsibilities for the brand's digital properties, ensuring they all reflected the brand's new focus on sophistication and shared experiences.

Pop-up Shop Section

The Pop-Up Shop section allows users to see when and where limited-time access to higher-end styles at a discounted price would be “popping up” in their area.

7.7 Million Impressions our pop-up shops generated

Make eyewear more visible

As a brand within a larger department store, JCPenney Optical needed to find ways to stand out among JCPenney's other, more conventional merchandise like apparel and housewares, both in stores and online. The brand had to find its way into target consumers' sights and establish itself as a key player in a category that was steadily filling up with forward-thinking competitors.

GEt in front of more eyes

Critical to success was ensuring that JCPenney Optical was efficiently reaching as many customers as possible to introduce, or re-introduce, them to their brand. We wanted everyone to at least get a glimpse of the new, fashion-forward identity before they made their next eyewear purchase, so we focused on broadening out well beyond current loyalists.

Social sweepstakes

We ran sweepstakes promotions on social media channels, as well as posting strategies throughout the year to raise awareness of the product offering and get the target audience talking about it. Social media advertising campaigns supported these promotions to maximize reach and impact.

7,500 entries from Facebook users alone for our summer sweepstakes

Mommy blogger outreach

Each year, JCPenney Optical offers an affordable Kids package during back-to-school season. To help promote this offer, we enlisted popular Mommy Bloggers to take advantage of this deal and document their experiences. To further engage their readers, each blogger was provided with JCPenney Optical Gift Cards: one to use on a pair of frames for their own child and one to give away to one of their readers.

In-store Digital Experience

Capitalizing on in-store merchandising efforts like exclusive Pop-Up Shop events, JCPenney Optical created in-store digital experiences using tablet devices that encouraged shoppers to interact with the products, share their favorite style with their social networks, and help spread the word about the brand's wide selection of stylish designer eyewear.

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