Case Study: Wawa

Making a Difference by
Creating an integrated digital experience


Building a fresh new look

In its category, Wawa has long been known as a pioneer in fresh food and customer experience. Approaching its 50th Anniversary, Wawa asked us to help them take a look at their brand to ensure that all their digital experiences, both online and in-store, reflected the level of quality, sophistication, and connection that the brand valued.

Web Redesign

We created a platform that allowed Wawa to capitalize on frequent promotional offers but could still feel like a pleasant, personal experience.

Campaign Reach via channel takeovers, without increasing spend 2x

New and Improved Promotions and Site Experience

Consistency and Quality

Ask anyone around, Wawa is a local treasure, known as much for superior service and likeability as for its fresh products. In crafting a new digital identity, we knew it was critical that Wawa translate the positive human interactions the brand stood for into equally meaningful digital interactions, while making sure that the high-quality products were the stars of the show.

Digital Signage

From design through execution, we help Wawa bring on-line promotions in-store.

INCREASE in awareness and interest in complementary purchases

CAT Redesign

Known as "Customer Activated ordering Terminal," the CAT system is an essential part of the in-store experience. Archer was asked to redesign and rebuild these as part of the "fresh and inviting" strategy.

Promoting Order

Coffee, pastries, hoagies, breakfast sandwiches, fuel, smoothies, gift cards, Wawa is a true one-stop shop for anyone on the go. The people who stop in are as diverse as the products they stop in for. Managing all of the different promotions, for all these different audiences, while maintaining a consistency of voice and creativity, is a major undertaking that requires attention to detail, precise coordination, and a great deal of enthusiasm and energy. It is literally non-stop, and we love it!

Hot Turkey Meme for Social Media Sharing

#SizzliTime Promotion

Product Campaigns

Every year Wawa runs anywhere from 15 to 20 (or more) digital campaigns promoting a full range of Wawa specialty products and deals like Sizzlis, Specialty Coffees, Hot Turkey, and Pumpkin Spice to name a few.

Annual Increase in active list members


Hoagiefest is the biggest promotion of the year for Wawa. Customers usually start asking about it months in advance. We handle all digital promotion as well as special event coordination.

Campaign Creative

HoagieQuest Game

Hoagiefest Event at Jersey Shore

The Results


ON AVERAGE the amount of times participating visitors played HoagieQuest

ENGAGEMENTS during 2015 Summer of Fun Promotion

Soaring with the big boys

As a multi-billion dollar brand, with more than 650 stores up and down the east coast, Wawa isn't exactly a small player, but it competes with some real giants. Anyone craving a Wawa Sizzli for breakfast, could also stop by McDonalds for an Egg McMuffin. Or if they were looking for a fresh, made-to-order sandwich they could just as easily pop into Panera for lunch. Wawa wasn't going to be able to outspend these global brands for share of voice, so they had to put their efforts into seeing if they could out-hustle the competition by getting creative, efficient, and even a bit scrappy with their digital media efforts.

Make it To-Go

Coupling advances in mobile technology with smart, opportunistic message geo-targeting helped Wawa get even more efficient with media spends and efforts.

The Results

INCREASE in mobile traffic in the last 18 months

THE RESPONSE RATE of our competitors with head-to-head media buy

Capitalize on Milestones

Any opportunity there was to say something new, Wawa seized upon it. This helped Wawa keep its messaging fresh and to keep people listening in.

Wawa Associate 50th Gear

The Results

1 MILLION FANS put Wawa in the top 1% of Facebook pages

DAILY SITE TRAFFIC with the 50th Anniversary promotion

Moving a brand, Literally

In 2012, Wawa announced that it would be expanding to Florida, an entirely new market that was largely unaware of the brand. To people in our region, Wawa is a revered icon, to Floridians it was just an unusual new business with an even more unusual name. Without the built-in loyalty of an established fan base, Wawa had to work quickly to ensure a successful transplant. They needed to make sure that the locals would understand, and embrace, a truly unique type of model that surpassed the convenience store experiences they'd come to expect from the local competitors.

Fueling Adoption

To people who were unfamiliar with the brand, at a quick glance Wawa looked like just another gas station. Wawa needed new customers to look to them for much, much more.

Drive Community

To increase share of voice, without drastically increasing budget, Wawa set out to find creative ways to put local fans to work. Based on their love for the brand, Wawa knew they'd be up for it, once they'd been identified.

Wawa Ambassador Gear Giveaway

JCPennEy wanted to transform their digital shopping experience. They needed an agency that could make a difference.

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